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How do I get to the Recycling/HHW center?
What are the days and hours of HHW operation?

Recycling: Monday-Saturday: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. (Closed Wednesdays and Holidays)

Household Hazardous Waste: Mondays 9 A.M. - 6 P.M., and the first Saturday of each month 8 A.M. - 2 P.M. (Closed Wednesdays and Holidays)

In the event of a Fort Bend County Holiday falling during regular operating hours of the HHW Center, Household Hazardous Waste will be accepted on the Tuesday following the Monday holiday, or the second Saturday following the first Saturday that may have a County holiday.

Do I need to bring identification for HHW?
Yes, a driver’s license or other proof of residency.
Does it cost to drop off my household chemicals?
Yes, the cost is $1 per 1-gallon container equivalent; e.g. one 1-gallon can of paint, equals 20 spray cans of paint up to 14 gallons. The cost is $5 per gallon for the 15th gallon and up.
Do I have to unload my own household hazardous wastes?
No, staff will unload them for you. You never have to get out of your vehicle.
Can I bring chemical wastes from my business?
No, only household chemicals are accepted.
What are the Dangers of Improper Disposal?
Household hazardous wastes are disposed of improperly when poured down the drain, on the ground, in storm sewers or in the trash. The dangers of such disposal may not be immediately obvious, but certain household hazardous wastes can contaminate septic tanks or wastewater treatment systems; harm children and pets and cause injury to sanitation workers. When poured in storm drains, contamination of the local water body occurs.(For more information on the dangers of improper disposals, visit the Environmental Enforcement Unit homepage.)
What are the Dangers of Illegal Dumping?
When it comes to environmental crimes, illegal dumping is when a person or company intentionally disposes or allows the disposal of solid waste at a site or location that is not permitted as a landfill. Illegal dumping is often a crime of opportunity.(Learn more by clicking here)
Can Paint be put into the garbage for disposal?

Yes, only hardened and solidified paint can be put into the garbage for disposal.

  • Paints in metal or plastic containers that are solidified can be dumped onto newspaper, wrapped up and put into the garbage receptacle for disposal.
  • Recycle the empty containers, Recycling empty metal or plastic paint containers is accepted in some areas.
  • Paints that have hardened in the container can also be disposed of in the garbage (Remove the lid from the container so that the sanitation worker can see that the paint has solidified and will not reject the pickup of paint.)
  • Products can be purchased to help harden and solidify paint for easy disposal (Check your local paint or hardware store for more information.)
  • Please remember to dispose of paint in accordance with local regulations.