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Texas Cemetery

Cemeteries are often known by multiple names. The following list includes all the cemetery names that are currently known in Fort Bend County.   They are designated by Main Name and State No., FB-C(XXX), or Alternate Name.

Most cemeteries are not associated with a conventional street address, however we have provided maps and coordinates to their respective locations.

For a map of Fort Bend County showing all the known cemeteries, please visit http://fbcgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/OnePane/basicviewer/index.html?appid=8ba7b396b1404e908956f57e29a4334f.

If you have any specific information or questions regarding these cemeteries, please email Cemeteries@fortbendcountytx.gov.


Bland Cemetery | FB-C113

Main Name: Bland Cemetery | FB-C113

Alternate Names:

  • Roberson Cemetery
  • Roberson-Chappel Cemetery

Access: Access to the cemetery is via PRIVATE property. Permission from the land owner MUST be obtained prior to visiting the cemetery.

Location: Near Clay Rd, Richmond

NAD83 Coordinates: 29 35.649 N, 95 45.568 W

Map Coordinates: 29.594150, -95.759467

Status and Other Information: The cemetery status is inactive. The cemetery is not affiliated with any organizations and the ethnicity is primarily Afro-American. The size of the cemetery is unknown. The number of known burials is 2 and the date of the earliest burial is 12/29/1892.

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