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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I make a child support payment?
    Please call our office 281-342-6222 or use the link below for info

  2. How do I know if my case is handled by the Office of the Attorney General or Fort Bend County Child Support?
    Please call our office 281-342-6222 and we will be glad to let you know.

  3. I just obtained a court order, what do I do now?
    Please contact our office and make sure that we have all necessary information to create your case. Fill out the Information Request Form

  4. How will I receive my payments?
    After your case has been created, the Texas Child Support Disbursement will mail you a packet of information. Contained in the packet will be information and forms asking how you would like to receive your payment (via Texas Debit Card, Direct Deposit or a warrant-state issued check). If the TXCSDU does not receive a response from you the first two payments will be a warrant-state issued check mailed to your address and then it will default to the Texas Debit Card.

    If you do not receive the packet, please call the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit 1-800-252-8014 or our office 281-342-6222 and we can assist.

  5. How do I initiate income withholding from an employer?
    a. Make sure there is an Income Withholding Order signed by the judge on file with the District Clerk’s office for your case.

    b. Complete the Request for Issuance Form and remit to the District Clerk’s Office with a $15.00 payment:

    The District Clerk’s Office will send the order to the employer via CMRR. The employer will begin garnishing the first pay period after receipt of the order

  6. How can I give credit for payments that were made directly to me?
    Please complete the Direct Payment Affidavit and return to our office. There is a limit of one affidavit per case as all payments are ordered to be paid through:

    Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit
    P.O. Box 659791
    San Antonio, TX 78265

  7. I lost my CIN number. How can I obtain?
    Contact the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit 1-800-252-8014. TXCSDU will mail it to you, it cannot be given over the phone.

  8. I need to reset my court date.
    Please contact the court coordinator for the court in which your case is to be heard.

  9. Circumstances have changed, how do I modify my order?
    Your options to modify your order are:
    a. Hire an attorney

    b. Apply with the Office of the Attorney General and request that they review your order

    c. Use forms obtained from resources like the Fort Bend County Law Library or and petition the court yourself.

  10. My child is 18 yrs. and has graduated from high school. How can I stop the garnishment?
    Please provide verification of graduation to our office and we will assist you.