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COURT’S POLICY ON THE USE OF INTERPRETERS – If a litigant, party, client, witness or any person associated with the court proceeding cannot communicate in the English language during a court hearing or needs a document translated, the attorney or Limited English Proficient Individual (LEP) must make a written request for interpretation or translation services.  It is the responsibility of the attorney or LEP to complete the request form and return it to Candi Hooper, Court Coordinator, either in person or by email, at least ten days prior to a hearing or deadline, or thirty days prior to a trial setting. A copy of the Translation Services Request and the Interpreting Services Request are located on our webpage under the "Forms" tab. Printed copies are available in the courtroom. The Court will cover all costs associated with the interpretation or translation services in ALL court proceedings. 

All interpreters serving in County Court at Law No. 2 must be a Master Licensed Certified Court Interpreter, unless otherwise specified by statute.