Running for Office

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County Officers are elected in November of even numbered years for four-year terms. The next General Election will be held on November 3, 2020.


The following offices will be elected in 2020:

Office Office Holder
Commissioner Precinct 1 Vincent Morales, Jr
Commissioner Precinct 3 Andy Meyers
Constable Precinct 1 Mike Beard
Constable Precinct 2 Daryl L. Smith, Sr.
Constable Precinct 3 Wayne K. Thompson
Constable Precinct 4 Trever J. Nehls
County Attorney Roy L. Cordes, Jr.
County Court at Law 5 Teana V. Watson
District Judge 387th District Brenda G. Mullinex
District Judge 400th District Maggie Perez-Jaramillo
District Judge 434th District James H. Shoemake
District Judge 505th District David Perwin
Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, 1 Gary D. Jansen
Sheriff Troy E. Nehls
Tax Collector/Assessor Carrie Surratt


The following offices will be elected in 2022:

Office Office Holder
County Judge KP George
Commissioner Precinct 2 Grady Prestage
Commissioner Precinct 4 Ken DeMerchant
County Clerk Laura Richard
County Court at Law 1 Christopher G. Morales
County Court at Law 2 Jeffrey A. McMeans
County Court at Law 3 Juli Mathew
County Court at Law 4 Toni M. Wallace
County Court at Law 6 Sherman Hatton, Jr
District Attorney Brian Middleton
District Clerk Beverley McGrew Walker
District Judge 240th District Frank J. Fraley
District Judge 268th District O'Neil Williams
District Judge 328th District Walter Armatys
District Judge 458th District Robert Rolnick
Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, 2 Mary S. Ward
Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Joel C. Clouser, Sr.
Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Kelly Crow
Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Justin M. Joyce
Treasurer Bill Rickert


Running for Office

If you wish to run for county office, you may have your name placed on the ballot by either seeking the nomination of an established political party in a Primary Election, or by running as an Independent. You may also run in the General Election as a write-in candidate.


Running in the March 3, 2020 Primary Election

Candidates for County Office seeking Party nominations must file an application with their county party chair. Candidates for District Office file with their State Party Chair. Applications and petition form are available from party officials or they may be downloaded from the web site of the Texas Secretary of State. The application, filing fee, and/or petitions must be submitted to the Party Chair between November 9, 2019 and December 9, 2019.


Independent Candidates do not appear on the Primary Ballot. To run in the November General Election as an Independent, you must first file a declaration of intent with the County Judge during the regular filing period. After the Primary, or Primary Runoff Election, you must then collect signatures from registered voters in your district who did not vote in the Primary or Runoff Elections. These petitions must also be filed with the County Judge by 6:00 pm on December 9, 2019.


To become a Write-in candidate, you must file a declaration of candidacy with the County Judge not earlier then July 21, 2020, and not later than August 20, 2020. The declaration must be accompanied by either a filing fee, or petitions signed by the required number of voters. The names of write-in candidates do not appear on the ballot.


Appointment of a Treasurer and Campaign Finance Reporting

Persons who declare their candidacy for public office, or persons who make expenditures or accept donations as candidates must comply with Texas Campaign Finance laws. If you are considering running for office, you should immediately visit the website of the Texas Ethics Commission for forms and filing information.


Running for Party Office.

Local Officials of the major political Parties are also chosen at Primary Elections. The filing period for precinct chair begins September 10, 2019 and ends at 6:00 pm on December 9, 2019. Applications are filed with the local Party Chairs. No filing fee is required.