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Election | November 6, 2018

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Precinct 1 Precinct 2 Precinct 3 Precinct 4
1001-A 2016-FBF 3004-F 4011-FBT
1002-B 2017-FHO 3005-F 4020-FBT
1002-CA3 2022-FBF 3005-FBM 4026-FBU
1002-CA5 2023-FHO 3006-F 4027-FBW
1003-FBA 2031-FHO 3006-M74 4028-FMH
1007-C 2033-FMA 3006-M98 4029-FBT
1008-C15 2034-FBG 3009-FBN 4030-FMH
1008-D 2036-FHO 3014-F 4035-FBT
1010-B 2043-FHC 3014-M30 4039-FBX
1012-B 2050-FMA 3019-F 4042-FBT
1013-B 2051-FHO 3032-FBO 4044-FB5
1015-B 2052-FHO 3038-F 4044-FBY
1018-C 2055-FHO 3038-HOA 4045-FBU
1018-CA4 2056-FHO 3041-FBP 4046-FBT
1021-C 2059-FMA 3041-G 4047-FBT
1024-B 2060-FBH 3053-FBR 4049-FBW
1024-CA5 2060-STA 3057-F 4049-FMI
1025-C 2061-FBF 3063-FBP 4062-FMH
1025-CA2 2061-FBI 3063-G 4064-FBT
1037-B 2061-FMB 3069-STE 4065-FB5
1040-B 2066-FB2 3083-F 4065-FBY
1048-B 2070-STB 3083-FBM 4065-FMJ
1054-D 2075-F26 3083-HOA 4071-FBZ
1058-F89 2075-FMA 3095-F 4079-FBT
1058-FBB 2077-F26 3095-HOA 4080-FBT
1058-FBS 2077-FCM 3098-FBN 4082-F34
1067-B 2077-FMA 3104-FBP 4082-FAA
1068-C 2078-FBH 3113-FB3 4082-HCB
1072-B 2078-FMD 3113-FCA 4082-I
1073-A 2081-FMA 3122-F 4084-FBT
1074-B 2088-FBG 3122-HOA 4086-FBT
1076-B 2088-STB 3130-F 4102-FB5
1085-B 2089-F26 3130-HOA 4102-FBY
1087-E 2090-FMA 3132-F 4105-FBT
1094-FBC 2091-FMA 3132-HOA 4107-FBT
1097-FSI 2092-FCC 3133-F 4110-FBT
1103-A 2092-FME 3133-HOA 4111-FBT
1109-FBD 2093-FMF 3142-F 4117-FAA
1109-FMC 2096-STA 3143-F 4117-HCB
1109-FSI 2099-FBJ 3144-F 4117-I
1114-FBE 2099-FHA 3145-F 4119-FBT
1118-FBD 2100-FBK 3146-F 4121-FBT
1118-FSI 2101-FB2 3148-F 4124-FBU
1120-E 2101-FDH 3149-F 4125-FBU
1128-E 2106-FB2 3150-F 4126-FAA
1134-FBC 2108-FMA 3150-FBM 4127-FMI
1141-B 2112-FBL 3156-F 4129-F15
1152-C 2112-FMG 3159-F 4129-FBT
1153-FBE 2112-STC 3160-F 4131-FBT
1154-C 2115-FCM   4135-FBU
  2115-FMA   4140-FBT
 HCST 2116-FHO   4147-F34
  2123-FHO   4147-FAA
  2136-FMA   4155-FAA
  2137-FBH   4155-FHF
  2137-STA   4158-FBU