Neighborhood Contract Patrol Division

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Evett Kelly

Patrol Captain



We are proud to work with the citizens of Fort Bend County Precinct 2 in providing supplemental patrol through our contract deputy program. Currently, we have deputies who patrol the following areas: 

  • MUD 23
  • Big Oaks
  • Briargate
  • Quail Bridge
  • Fort Bend County Toll Road

The deputies provide supplemental law enforcement in those areas through a contract between the Constable’s Office and the Homeowner’s or Property Owner’s Association of a subdivision, Municipal Utility Districts, or the Fort Bend Toll Road Authority.

Our Office has seen remarkable success with the program, as is the result of our highly-trained deputies and outstanding community relations. We maintain a proactive stance on crime, focusing on prevention, community involvement and education, rather than a reactive response. The contracting governing board is provided a comprehensive report of all activity performed by all deputies in their patrol contract and are constantly updated on any crime problems we encounter.

If your subdivision’s HOA / POA is interested in a patrol contract with our agency, please 281-403-8010 or marilynn.moore@fortbendcountytx@gov