Staff | County Court at Law 4

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Thomas Rogers, Bailiff
Telephone:  281-238-3278

Thomas Rogers provides courtroom security and security to the Judge and his staff.


Jenica G. Salazar, Court Coordinator
Telephone:  281-238-1995

Jenica G. Salazar, Court Coordinator, is responsible for ensuring that the court functions in an efficient and expeditious manner. She maintains the court's dockets and answers general inquiries concerning cases filed in County Court at Law No. 4. Ms. Salazar’s telephone number is 281-238-1995.

The court does not accept filings. All instruments must be filed through the County Clerk's Office. With the exception of condemnations and forcible detainers, all civil matters must be mediated prior to a trial request being made. All trial requests must be in writing to the Court and must state the date the case was mediated. It is the responsibility of the party filing a motion to request a hearing date. Judge Bussell requires an oral hearing on motions for summary judgment.

  • Civil motions are heard by Associate Judge Andrew Dornburg.  Please contact Ms. Kourtney Greenville at 281-341-4424 or by email to:
  • Applications for Occupational or Restricted Licenses are heard on designated Fridays at 9:00 AM before Judge H. Everett Kennedy, Associate Judge, County Courts at Law. Please contact: Ms. Lisa Wallingford at 281-633-7693 to set a hearing.

Regarding Misdemeanor cases and dockets, if attorneys are not able to make it to court on docket days, you will need to notify the coordinator by email or phone. Additionally, your client will need to appear at the setting even if you are not able appear. If your client fails to appear, a warrant will be issued.

The court does not accept resets by fax or email and cases cannot be rolled to the next day or the next week without the defendant present to sign a reset. If the defendant does not appear and the attorney would like to speak with the Judge regarding an active warrant, the attorney and the defendant must appear on a Tuesday or Friday morning during the docket between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

For any person desiring to address the County Courts-at-Law Board, please submit a written request to the Honorable Christopher G. Morales, County Court at Law No. 1.


Roger Adair, Court Reporter
Telephone:  281-238-3298

Roger Adair, the Official Court Reporter for County Court at Law No. 4, provides a complete and accurate record of all requested court proceedings held by the court. He may be contacted at 281-238-3298 for a transcript of these proceedings.

He is pleased to answer and direct any inquiries regarding court cases.


Kathy Edwards, Probate Auditor
Telephone:  281-238-3297

Kathy Edwards, Probate Auditor, sets hearings pertaining to decedent's estates, guardianship matters, Mental Health and Richmond State School dockets filed in County Court at Law No. 4. 

Uncontested probate matters are heard on designated Monday afternoons at 1:30 PM. Call the Probate Auditor at 281-238-3297 to set a hearing on the docket.

Ms. Edwards reviews and audits probate proceedings and can assist the public with general inquiries involving matters filed in our court.