Victim/Witness Division

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A Message from John Healey, your District Attorney

John F. Healey

Your first reaction to being a victim of crime very likely was an emotional one. When my wife and I were burglarized several years ago, sadness and anger were two emotions which troubled us. She was saddened by the loss of irreplaceable keepsakes passed down to her by her family. I was angry that someone had defiled our privacy and had brought pain to my loved ones. Almost every member of my office has been directly affected by violent or non-violent crime. We will try to remember how crime has touched our lives as we prosecute those who have infringed on your life and the lives of your loved ones. This office will seek to prosecute those who have violated the law and have subjected you and your family to feelings of loss, anger, sadness, frustration, and the anxiety of not being in control of your life.

To assist you in your understanding of the criminal justice system, I have attempted to answer the most often asked questions of crime victims and witnesses. This information is provided on the following pages, but I recognize that it may not answer all of your questions. If you ever have any concerns about the status of your case or about the criminal justice system in general, please contact my office. Most questions can be answered by my victim assistance coordinator. Her number is 281-238-2237.

If after speaking with my victim assistance coordinator, you feel the need to contact me, you may call my office at 281-341-4460 and I will personally talk with you. We can discuss the matter over the phone, or if you prefer, we can make arrangements to meet in my office.

John Healey