Filing Fees

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Filing fees Amount
 Writ of Possession  $135.00
 Eviction  $126.00
 Repair & remedy Suit  $126.00
 Justice Court Claims  $131.00
 Debt Claims (No service)  $51.00
 Additional Service Pct. 2  $80.00
 Abstract of Judgment  $5.00
 Certified Copies  $5.00
 Copies (First Page)  $2.00
 Copies (Additional pages)  $0.25
 Writ of Execution  $135.00
 Writ of Garnishment  $56.00
 Jury Fees  $22.00
 Tow Hearing  $36.00


*Prices effective 01/02/2018 and are subject to change after legislative updates. These prices are subject to change by the Commissioners court and constable's office.