Victim Services Unit

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Bob Haenel
Public Information Office & Victim Services Coordinator

Office: 281-341-4638
Denise Gruwell
Victim Liaison Assistant

Office: 281-341-4650
Fax: 281-341-4643

Contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office - Victim Services Unit at 281-341-4650 if you have been a victim or witness to a crime and could benefit from our assistance.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office - Victim Services Unit provides the following services for innocent victims of crime through established advocacy policies and by providing necessary notification:

  • Information about Crime Victims’ Compensation and assistance with filing claims
  • Aid with such items as loss of earnings, loss of support, counseling, funeral/burial, relocation, medical/dental, crime-related travel, child care, crime scene cleanup and replacement of property seized
  • Emotional support for victims and families
  • Information and referrals to community organizations who provide long-term counseling, legal assistance, emergency shelters, and other services.
  • Information about Crime Victims’ Rights
  • Case status information
  • Assistance with V.I.N.E (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) Registration

The Victim's Bill of Rights
Know your rights under the law. Victims of crime are entitled to information regarding:

  • Local community services
  • Compensation to victims of crimes, when applicable
  • The victim's role in the legal and judicial systems

Victims also have a right to:

  • Adequate Protection from harm and threats
  • Prompt and timely disposition of a criminal investigation (provided it does not interfere with the rights of the accused)
  • Prompt return of property (if there is no compelling need to retain the property as evidence)
  • Request the judge to consider the safety of victim and their family when setting the bail amount for the accused
  • Have a victim advocate attend depositions
  • Receive notification of the escape, transfer or release of the offender
  • Aid with information such as case status

In addition, the victims of a crime and the state attorney, with the consent of the victim, have standing to assert the rights of a crime victim as provided by law.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Victim Handbook includes information on these rights and other helpful information. Contact Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office - Victim Service Unit at 281-341-4650 to request a copy.

Emergencies: Dial, 911