Administrative Function

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The goal of the detention administrative function is to plan, support, and assist the operations of all aspects in the jail. The administrative function is supervised by a Lieutenant. These functions are split into three main groups supervised by Sergeants including budget and information systems, support and commissary, medical and maintenance.

  1. The Budget and Information Systems Group has several tasks assigned including budget, information systems management, video visitation, inmate mail and special projects.
  2. The Support and Commissary Group has several tasks assigned including extra employment coordination, laundry, reception, the commissary program and the outside work crew program.
  3. The Medical and Maintenance Group has several tasks assigned including facility maintenance, inmate medical and inmate mental health services.

The administrative function helps make everyone’s job in the Detention Bureau easier by planning for the future, providing quality services for a professional and efficient operation, and constantly focusing on improving operations.

Lieutenant Jeff Kovar - Administrative

Lieutenant David Schultz - Inmate Processing Unit

Lieutenant Yolanda Elliott - Court Security

Lieutenant Mark Penrod - Support

Lieutenant Kim Leach - 1st Shift

Lieutenant Scott Soland - 1st Shift Relief

Lieutenant Grant Crochet - 2nd Shift Relief
Lieutenant Lowel Gage - 2nd Shift Relief Relief

Lieutenant Steve Melton - 3rd Shift
Lieutenant McKinley Dupree -3rd Shift Relief