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Telephones and Tablets

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Fund Inmate Telephone

Inmate Telephones

Each inmate receives two free telephone calls after being booked into the Fort Bend County Detention Facility. After using the two free calls, all subsequent calls are billable and must be paid for either by the inmate or the called party.

Inmates can pay for calls by purchasing blocks of time for their Inmate Telephone Debit Account. All other calls are considered collect and must be paid for by the called party. The most cost effective option to pay for collect calls is by using a Securus Advance Connect account. Learn more by visiting Securus’ website at:

NOTE: All inmate telephone calls are recorded and may be monitored. Attorneys should request any exceptions in writing to the Fort Bend County Detention Facility.

Order an Inmate Tablet

Inmate Tablets

The Fort Bend County Detention Facility is also working with Securus Technologies to test a new Inmate Tablet product. An Inmate Tablet can be rented for an inmate at:

Inmate Tablets offer a variety of applications including: Internet Radio, Podcasts, eBook Reader, Job Search, Telephone, Religion, and a few games. Inmate Tablets are available to almost all inmates and help to keep them busy throughout the day.

Begin Receiving Inmate Calls Today with SECURUS PHONE SERVICES Leave a message for your inmate with SECURUS JAIL VOICEMAIL