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Captain Josh Dale

Captain Josh Dale

Captain Dale is the Commander of the Narcotics Division for the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and is subordinate to the Chief Deputy and Sheriff only. He is currently assigned to the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force as the Commander. He is responsible for the coordination and supervision of investigations and arrests. The Task Force is responsible for the disruption, dismantling and successfully prosecuting of all narcotics trafficking originations involved in the manufacturing, transportation, distribution, selling and use of all illegal drugs in or being transported through Fort Bend County; to seize all illegal drugs, cash and other assets associated with and supportive of the illicit drug trade; to investigate, arrest, dismantle and successfully prosecute all money laundering organizations supporting these and other illegal activities.

Captain Dale may be contacted at 281-633-7780 or by email at

Elvia R. Morales is the administrative assistant to Captain Dale. She may be reached at 281-633-7780 or by email at