Fort Bend County Judge KP George has signed a Declaration of Local Health Disaster Due to a Public Health Emergency. The Order was signed to help contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Fort Bend County. Fort Bend County COVID-19 information.

The Reserve Division is headed by Chief Ozzie Bayazitoglu, Captain Lance Bertolino, and Captain Neil Kirkpatrick, and the division reports to full-time Major James Hines.

The Reserve Division is a professional, all-volunteer organization with a proud history of service dating from September 18, 1967. These men and women come from a wide range of civilian and military backgrounds, in such diverse fields as insurance, law, federal employment, retail salesmen, firefighters and everything in-between.

The Reserve Division supplements and supports other divisions across the Sheriff’s Office, including Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Community Services, Firearms, Emergency Operations, and Detention. The Reserve Division also handles a significant number of self-managed assignments and initiatives. Duties performed by Reserve Deputies save the taxpayers of Fort Bend County hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

All Reserve Deputies with the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office must be certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE); thus, Reserve Deputies are Texas “peace officers,” and have the same powers of arrest as full-time deputies, and are required by law to meet the same hiring, background, medical and psychological standards as full-time deputies.

For applicant inquiries, please refer to the Join Us page.

For all other inquiries, please feel free to contact Chief Ozzie Bayazitoglu at