Are You O.K.?

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Welcome to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's "Are You O.K.?" Program

Are You O.K.?

“Are You O.K.?” is a telephone reassurance program sponsored by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office for seniors or disabled citizens of Fort Bend County who live alone. This program makes a computer generated call each day to the participant to check on their welfare. If the person called is OK, all that is necessary is for them to pick up the telephone, press any key, and hang up. If for some reason they do not answer the telephone, the computer will try again at fifteen-minute intervals. If the telephone is still unanswered after three calls, a notification is sent to the Communications Center email, and a Deputy Sheriff or the participants’ local police agency will be dispatched to their residence to check on their welfare.

There is no charge for this service. You decide what time of the morning you want to be called. If you will be away from home at the agreed calling time, you can contact Fort Bend County Communications (Dispatch) at 281-341-4665 Opt. 4 to check out of the program until you return home.

Enclosed, please find 2 forms you need to fill out and return to us, so we can enroll you in the program and set a time to call you. You may submit both forms by email, fax, or mail.

Please be sure to keep the phone number and email address listed below in bold print so you can notify us if you will not be home at the agreed time.

The first form is the Are You O.K. APPLICATION FORM. Please fill out all the information. It is important that you give us as much information as you can, so we can assist you. Please be sure to give us Emergency Contacts and Keyholders information in case we can't reach you. Make sure your Contacts and Keyholders know you are participating in our program. Emergency Contacts should be nearby friends or relatives who would know your whereabouts, such as doctor appointments, or if you would be out of town, etc. A Keyholder is someone you have entrusted with a key to your home, and has your permission to enter and check on you, if need be. If you wish, you may share with us a location of a hidden key, if you have one, which emergency personnel could use if needed. Key information is voluntary, and as with all other information provided, will be kept strictly confidential. Under the section for Medical History, Please provide any information that might be important for us to know about your current health, such as insulin-dependent, seizures, whether you use a wheelchair or walker, pacemaker, etc. Additionally, if you have your medical information and a list of medications written down and kept in a specific location such as you purse or on you refrigerator door, please note this in the section for Location of Medical History. 

The second form is the WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. Please read this over and fill in the information at the bottom of the form. Pay special attention to this section that lists reasons for you to notify us of changes. It is extremely important that you let us know if you won't be home for your call. Please understand that you do NOT have to feel unable to leave, but simply let us know that you will be gone. To make sure your messages are received, the Fort Bend County Sheriff's "Are You O.K." program would like to call or email in the event you won't be home for regularly- scheduled Are You O,.K. call, or have some other important information you need to tell us. 


For more information about this program, contact Meghan Rivas (Emergency Communications Manager) at 281-341-4764 or email

Fort Bend County Emergency Communications (Dispatch) 281-341-4665, Option 4

Email: Fax: 281-341-4674