Facilities Maintenance and Jail Maintenance

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Justin Zwahr, Facilities Maintenance Manager

301 Jackson Street, Suite 301 Richmond, TX 77469
Telephone: 281-238-3064
Fax: 281-238-3577
Help Desk: 281-238-3565
Help Desk email: fmp.helpdesk@fortbendcountytx.gov
Jail Maintenance Help Desk: 832-471-2700

Mission Statement

Facilities Maintenance and Jail Maintenance maintain major building systems and controls, perform required preventative maintenance, write specifications for and supervise vendors for all mechanical, electrical, structural and plumbing requirements of County facilities, including the County Jail. Facilities Maintenance departments develop improved operating methods and software for building controls and tracking systems and comply with warranty maintenance obligations for all operating facilities.

Facilities Jail Maintenance
Wratten, Michael A - Jail Maintenance Supervisor

Magana, Oscar - Jail Plumber
Matthews, Bruce - Jail Building Maintenance Worker Ill
Meyer, Brian – Jail Maintenance Worker III
Mican, Dalton - Jail Building Maintenance Worker III
Pavon, Delfino - Jail Electrician
Perrier Ill, Anthony - Jail Plumber
Roberts, Michael - Jail Building Maintenance Ill
Weeks, Kris A - Jail Locksmith
Wright Jr., David - Jail HVAC Specialist



Facilities Maintenance
Petroski, Allen - Building Maintenance Supervisor

Cieslewicz, Eric – Building Maintenance Worker III
Driskell, Stephen – Building Maintenance Worker III
Fontenot, Mark – Electronics Technician
Garza, Ellias C - Building Maintenance Worker Ill
Henry, Jason L - Building Maintenance Worker Ill
Hudson , DeJuan - Building Maintenance Worker Ill
Miller, Wesley - Lead Electronics Technician
Olivares Jr., Jose – HVAC Specialist
Pangulayan, Frederick – Electronics Technician
Rios, Carl - Building Maintenance Worker III
Smith , Billy C - HVAC Specialist
Torres, Rafael - Building Maintenance Worker III
Wilson , Joe - Building Maintenance Worker Ill