Fort Bend County Judge KP George has signed a Declaration of Local Health Disaster Due to a Public Health Emergency. The Order was signed to help contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Fort Bend County. Fort Bend County COVID-19 information.

Employee Hotline: 281-341-4444

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Employee Hotline: 281-341-4444

There are currently no notifications to county employees.

The County Judge shall make the determination to close some or all County facilities due to inclement weather or a declared state of disaster, and will determine whether or not employees shall be compensated during the closure. Employees may call the Employee Hotline at 281-341-4444 regarding the status of County closures.

All employees should continue to follow department guidelines when determining their own requirements for work during an emergency closure. Please contact your department head for more information regarding Essential Employees and your work requirements during an emergency.

Employees should keep their personal information updated in Employee Self Service. Automated phone calls and texts are sometimes made to employees regarding emergency closures.  Update your information on Employee Self Service under Employee Alert Data.