Alternate Work Schedules

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Alternate Work Schedules

The Power of Flextime and Compressed Work Weeks

Alternative Work Schedules

Taking the rush out of rush hour is what alternative work schedules are all about. By allowing employees to adjust their work hours, employers also support transportation demand management (TDM). While work hour adjustments may not always reduce the number of single occupant vehicles, they can help reduce congestion in areas with well-defined peak periods of traffic.

Increasingly, innovative companies are discovering the benefits of implementing alternative work schedule policies to adjust their employees’ work hours. The most common types of work hour adjustments are:

  • Flextime, whereby an employee can stagger arrival and departure times within an eight-hour day/five-day work week to best suit personal schedules on a daily basis.
  • Compressed Work Weeks, whereby an employee works more hours per day for fewer days per week.

Employees are able to enjoy a faster, less frantic commute, while employers that enable commuting during nonpeak hours are able to stretch work shifts and reduce parking demand. Increase your company's productivity by finding more hours in the day with flextime and compressed work weeks. It's a better way to work. Contact Commute Solutions Staff for more information on alternative work schedules. Call 713-627-3200 or 1-877-512-7333