Clean Air Champions

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Clean Air Champions

What are the Clean Air Champion awards?

Houston, TX

Put simply, the Clean Air Champion awards were established by the Houston-Galveston Area Council to recognize any business, government, or organization with operations in the Houston Galveston Brazoria nonattainment region that is taking proactive steps to improve the region’s air quality.

Within this site, you’ll find more information about several specific steps your organization can take to become a Clean Air Champion. Applying to and joining the Clean Air Champion awards program is FREE. In many cases, you may already qualify!

We’ve divided our Clean Air Champions into two categories:

  • Clean Air Champion for Commuters: Organizations whose employees primarily commute to an office-based work environment. If your organization is office-based, you can become a Clean Air Champion for Commuters by offering commuter benefits to employees.

    Commuter benefits can take the form of:
    • Transit passes
    • Vanpool incentives
    • NuRide/carpool rewards
    • Teleworking
    • Alternative work schedule
    • Amenities for walkers and bikers; and many more
  • Clean Air Champion for Fleets: Organizations whose primary business operations are fleet based. If your company is fleet-based, you can become a Clean Air Champion for Fleets by adopting clean fleet policies for on-road vehicles and off-road equipment.
    Clean fleet policies include:
    • Committing to accelerated fleet turnover
    • Promoting the use of alternative fuels
    • Adopting a no idling policy; and many more

Please note that you don’t need to adopt all of these benefits and policies to become a Clean Air Champion.