eSlate Voting System/Ballot Instructions

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Welcome to the eSlate and Ballot Now Voting Systems!

Since 2005, the eSlate polling place voting system and the Ballot Now digital ballot imaging system from Hart InterCivic, Inc. has successfully been used to tabulate millions of votes in Fort Bend County.. If you are an absentee voter, you will vote on a paper ballot. If you vote in person, you will vote on a state-of-the-art voting system on which over seven million votes have been cast accurately and securely.

We wish to take this opportunity to share some system facts with you.

  • Our system is secure. From the generation of the ballot by our office to the tabulation of votes at our centralized counting center, security measures are in place to ensure no unauthorized individual has access to the system. Neither the vote tabulation program nor any other component of the eSlate System is ever connected to the Internet or an external network at any time.
  • Our system is accurate. The eSlate system uses a state-of-the-art optical encoder, called the SELECT wheel to navigate through the ballot. This technology provides 100% positional accuracy at all times.
  • Our system is durable. Because the eSlate is not a touch screen, it is extremely durable, withstanding most harm from rough treatment, thus eliminating the costs of repair.
  • Our system is easy to use. Whether voting absentee on paper ballot or in person on the eSlate, a review of the system on this website will show how simple each is to use. No computer experience is necessary – the voting machine is as easy to use as your household washing machine! The eSlate also meets all federal accessibility requirements.
  • Our system is truly multilingual. As required by the Voting Rights Act, ballots will be printed in both English and Spanish. Voters who vote on the eSlate at the polls during Early Voting or on Election Day will choose between an English or Spanish, ballot.

Please see the additional information below, and be sure to try the flash demo on this website by clicking on the picture of the eSlate to “take the eSlate for a spin.” And, as always, if you have questions about the new system or would like to find out more about becoming a poll worker, please call us at 281-341-8670.

Contact Us with any questions.