Driveway / Culvert Inspections

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Permits and Licensing

Driveway / Culvert Inspections

Driveways and culverts that have been permitted by Fort Bend County require inspection during and after construction. Fees for these inspections are included in the original driveway permit fee.

  • Driveways connecting to concrete curb and gutter roadways shall be inspected after   the placement of reinforcing steel and prior to the pouring of concrete, and again after the concrete pour for conformance with County standards.
  • Driveways connecting to asphalt roadways will be inspected after the placement of materials for conformance with plans.
  • Culverts shall not be backfilled until an inspection is conducted by Fort Bend County to determine that   the elevation and grade of the culverts have been correctly set.
  • Culverts shall also be inspected upon completion of the placement of cement stabilized backfill, if required, and prior to commencement of driveway construction.

Residential Driveways
Coordinate with the Fort Bend County Road & Bridge Department by calling 281-342-4513.

Commercial Driveways
Request an inspection through the MyGovernmentOnline customer portal at least 48 hours in advance of your required inspection date to schedule an inspection with a Fort Bend County representative.