Mission Statement

The mission of the County Treasurer is to serve as the chief custodian of county finance. Basic duties include receiving, keeping and accounting, paying, applying, and disbursing all monies belonging to the county.

Additional duties include: original reconciliation and safekeeping of county bank accounts; custodian of bail bond collateral; custodian for revenue bond funds, including initial issuance, establishment of accounts, acceptance of original funds, issuance of bond funds to various paying agents; Agent for state reports and payments on certain accounts; payroll officer for the County: authorizing deductions of social security, county retirement, group health insurance, credit union, deferred compensation, and savings bonds of county employees. The county treasurer is responsible for collecting delinquent funds other than taxes.

The County Treasurer also serves as treasurer for the Fort Bend Flood Control Water Supply Corporation, Fort Bend Parkway Road District, Drainage District, Toll Road Authority, Toll Road Operations; receipting fees for toll.

For Tax Information, please contact the Tax Assessor-Collector at 281-341-3710.