Mission Statement

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Fort Bend County Mission

Fort Bend County strives to be the most family friendly community in Texas by providing a high quality, enriching and safe environment. Each department and elective office provides fast, friendly service to its customers and continually strives to be number one in efficiency and effectiveness. The Commissioners Court fulfills its leadership role by providing necessary resources to the offices and departments to accomplish their duties and goals, by establishing budgets, policies and procedures to make the most efficient uses of the resources and by actively pursuing quality businesses to locate in Fort Bend County.

Fort Bend County Emergency Medical Service Mission

Enhancing lives through our commitment to excellence.


As an integral part of the Fort Bend County Government, provide for the highest level of prehospital advanced life support emergency care based on the most current medical science and driven by operational and administrative efficiency, professionalism and conduct.

Guiding Principals

The guiding principals of Fort Bend County Emergency Medical Services are to provide the citizens and visitors of Fort Bend County with advanced, timely and professional prehospital emergency care; in order to treat, stabilize and transport patients to the most appropriate medical facility.

In accomplishing this, Fort Bend County EMS staff will approach their duties in a diligent manner, ensuring that patients receive compassionate and thorough assessments, interventions and overall medical care.

Following Medical Director led protocols, internal policies and procedures along with standard operating guidelines staff members will be well directed, trained and prepared to perform at the highest standards possible.

Core Values

Compassion, Empathy, Teamwork, Innovation, Professionalism, Safety

Compassion - We are dedicated to each patient and will work diligently to alleviate pain and provide appropriate treatments.

Empathy - We care about the patient, families and their level of distress, working tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome.

Teamwork - Operating together as a unified and well-coordinated organization, teamwork will be the foundation for our growth and success.

Innovation - We will constantly look at ways to enhance and improve the EMS system.

Professionalism - Representing not only ourselves, our employer and the EMS industry, we will practice professionalism in every aspect of our daily duties.

Safety - We will work to reduce injury, loss and errors through training, education, engineering controls and by providing protective equipment to all staff.