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Fort Bend County Emergency Medical Service officially began operations in April of 1972, following action taken by Commissioners Court. In May of that year, the newly created department, joined by a small group of dedicated employees, began responding to calls for service.  Since then, the area served by Fort Bend County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) has experienced a steady increase in population as evidenced by the table below.

Year Population % of increase
1970 52,314 29.1 %
1980 130,846 150.1 %
1990 225,421 72.3 %
2000 354,452 57.2 %
2010 585,375 65.1 %
2014 est. 686,650 18.6 %
2015 est. 716,087  4.3 %
*2016 est.
 741,237  3.5%
*2017 est.
 764,828  3.18%

                                                                                      *source: United States Census Bureau

Today, fifteen (15) M.I.C.U. (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) Ambulances and three (3) Squad Units, stocked with the latest advancements in pre-hospital equipment and staffed with highly skilled paramedic personnel, stand ready to respond during any hour of the day or night, all year long.

Throughout the rich history of Fort Bend County EMS, excellence in patient care has been the steady focus of every employee. Over the years, the department has received numerous awards and honors from various associations and peer groups.

As more and more people begin calling Fort Bend County home, Fort Bend County EMS will continue providing the level of advanced, professional care every citizen deserves and expects.

Although everyone hopes they will never require medical intervention from emergency personnel, Fort Bend County EMS is prepared and equipped to provide quality service should the need arise.