Food Establishment Fees  


Food Establishment Category A $400.00
Food Establishment Category B $200.00
Food Establishment Category C $100.00
Food Establishment Category D $200.00

     Conditional 30-Day Permit

     Mobile Food Unit $325.00
     Roadside Food Vendor $200.00
     Educational Institutions/Schools $250.00
     Servicing Area $300.00
Mobile Unit Park $300.00
Temporary Food Establishment  
     For timely application $ 75.00
     For untimely application or on-site issuance $150.00
Plan Review Fee $300.00
Re-Inspection Fee $200.00
Expedite Fee $200.00
Replacement Permit $ 50.00
Late Fee $ 75.00
Missed Appointment Fee $100.00
Certified Food Manager Class - Online $ 75.00
Certified Food Handler Class - Online $ 10.00
Chemical Test Strips $ 10.00
Variance Request $175.00

Category A: any place where unpackaged Time/temperature Control for Safety (TCS) food or non-TCS is processed or prepared or a commercial kitchen provided for use by multiple Food Establishments.

Category B: any place where only prepackaged TCS foods are sold and/or limited non-TCS foods, including sliced citrus beverage garnishments or crushed ice mixed with a sugar water-based syrup, are served or sold.

Category C (Farmers’ Market Vendor): a farmer or food producer who operates a Food Establishment at the Department approved Farmers’ Market. A Farmers' Market Vendor Permit is only valid at a farmers' market that is 51% or more farmers or producers.

Category D (Food Sample Permit): An annual permit issued to a food vendor, who is a state-licensed food manufacturer or a cottage food production operation, that provides customers with no more than a sample of the pre-packaged food the operator is offering for sale or the sale of pre-packaged TCS foods from a state licensed food manufacturer at a Department approved Fort Bend Temporary Event.

Conditional 30-Day Permit: An optional permit issued to a business during a change in ownership to remain in operation if the previous permit is no longer valid. Cannot renew more than 11 times.

Mobile Unit Park: A Food Establishment venue that operates more than 6 times per calendar year, where three (3) or more mobile food units gather and offer food and or beverages to the public as a feeding operation and not in conjunction with a Temporary Food Event.

Missed Appointment Fee: A fee imposed on an establishment that does not attend a scheduled Plan Review or Mobile Food Unit Permitting Inspection appointment. Scheduled appointments must be canceled or rescheduled by 8am on the day prior to the scheduled appointment.

Temporary Food Establishment: A Food Establishment that operates for a period of no more than fourteen (14) consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration. A Temporary Food Establishment shall also mean a Temporary Food Service Establishment.

On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) Add'l Notes Fee PER
Single Family Residential Permit Application expires after one year.
Need to apply for new permit.
$575.00 Each - 2 Inspections and Plan Review
Non Single-Family Dwelling Permit Application expires after one year.
Need to apply for new permit.
$575.00 Each - 2 Inspections and Plan Review
Commerical & Industrial Permit Application expires after one year.
Need to apply for new permit.
$650.00 Each - 2 Inspections and Plan Review
Additional Inspections (Re-inspections, Emergency, Extra, Tank
Only, and Requested)
$200.00 Each
Variance Request   $200.00 Each
Plat/Subdivisions Review   $ 30.00 Lot or Reserve
Aerobic system annual maintenance fee Contracts are submitted $ 50.00 Annually - Each System
Re-Design Required if different than approved design $300.00 Each
Non-Cancellation of Inspection Failure to cancel within one hour of
scheduled inspection
$100.00 Each
No-Call, No-Show Failure to cancel plan review meeting
within 24 hours or no show
$100.00 Each


Swimming Pool/Spa Permit Fee  
Permit (Swimming Pool/Spa) per separate filter system $ 150.00
Interactive Water Features and Fountains $ 150.00
Permit (Artificial Swimming Lagoon) $ 150.00
Initial Inspection (included in Permit Fee) $     0.00
Re-Inspection Fee $ 225.00
Nonactive Pool Surveillance Fee $   75.00
New Facility/Change of Ownership Plan Review $ 300.00
New Facility/Change of Ownership Inspection Fee $ 150.00
New Facility/Change of Ownership Re-Inspection Fee $ 150.00
Duplicate or Replacement Permit $  50.00
Open Records Request Fee $ 0.10 per copy
$ 5.00 per disc
Insufficient Funds $ 30.00
Late Fee $ 75.00

All fees are current as of 5/26/2023