Fort Bend County Behavioral Health Services (BHS) was established by the Fort Bend County Council of Judges in October 2010. The department was restructured in December of 2018 to report to Fort Bend County Commissioners Court. Dr. Almeida, a licensed psychologist, is the founding director of the department.

Our staff include licensed psychologists and a psychological associate, a developmental psychologist, a licensed professional counselor, case managers, project/grant management staff, jail diversion coordinator as well as administrative support staff.

The department was created to assist in addressing the needs of those with mental illness who come into contact with our justice system.  Over the years, Behavioral Health Services has expanded to begin to address those in the community who are high-risk of involvement in the justice system. The department also works with the youngest victims of abuse and neglect in an attempt to heal trauma and support family reunification when possible. Working collaboratively with the justice system, health and human services, behavioral health providers, county offices, schools, and the community, BHS continues to increase the awareness of the needs of our most vulnerable populations and guide systems to work collaboratively to better address those.


Fort Bend County Behavioral Health Services works to increase awareness, services and supports to address the complex needs of persons with behavioral health disorders involved in the legal system or at risk of involvement.


Collaboratively work with the courts, criminal justice, other county departments, behavioral health providers and community organizations to develop needed services to support at risk individuals with behavioral health disorders. Our goals are to foster resiliency, reduce recidivism, support reintegration, recovery and family reunification.

BHS Resiliency | Recovery | Reintegration | Reunification | Reduce Recidivism

Our work focuses on:

  • Resiliency - Fostering and building resiliency among persons with behavioral health disorders.
  • Reduce Recidivism - Working collaboratively across systems to reduce the re-incarceration of persons with mental illness by providing needed support and identifying gaps in services as well as systems.
  • Reunification - Supporting and rebuilding a healthy parent-child relationship.
  • Recovery  - Supporting the recovery of persons with behavioral health disorders.
  • Reintegration - Assisting persons with services to help integrate into the community.


FBC BHS Core Values


Upholding ethical standards that promote trust and confidence

  • Honor commitments
  • Do the right thing even when no one is watching
  • Be accountable and accept responsibility for actions
  • Strive for accuracy in all work


Displaying empathy and concern for the varied life experiences of others

  • Create a space for others to feel seen, safe and heard
  • Be nonjudgmental and open to the viewpoints of others
  • Acknowledge distress and/or discomfort in the work environment and collabo- rate to overcome such challenges
  • Be ready to find empathetic ways to support others to achieve positive out-comes


Problem solving while being open-minded, resourceful, strategic to change, and mindful to what may be beyond your control

  • Alter your mindset to reach a goal
  • Be open to learning new information
  • Be an active listener and ask follow-up questions


Politely expressing consideration, fairness and dignity, and inspiring others through positive encouragement

  • Value others as individuals and honor their personal rights and dignity
  • Take responsibility for developing and maintaining professional and effective working relationships
  • Make a conscious effort to actively listen to others and understand their perspective before responding
  • Respond to others in a courteous, caring, sensitive way, and disagree respectfully
  • Have an open mind and take time to guide those in need


Valuing the voice and dignity of every individual while guaranteeing fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for every individual

  • Be aware of unconscious bias and have the willingness to listen and learn from other's experiences
  • Participate in trainings to learn about individual differences
  • Create opportunities that invite interaction with others who have different perspectives and eliminate barriers that prevent full participation of every individual
  • Promote a safe environment that allows for open discussion and understanding of other individuals

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