The Fort Bend County Housing Rehabilitation Program is administered by the Fort Bend county Community Development Department through a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Housing Rehabilitation Program provides assistance to low- and moderate-income families to make needed repairs to their homes to bring these homes up to Housing Quality Standards, the Southern Building code, The Council of American Building Officials (ABO) One- and Two- Family Building Code. The application period for the Fort Bend County Housing Rehabilitation Program for homeowners has been closed effective August 31, 2022.  Currently, the County’s waiting list for this program exceeds two years.  The County will announce the reopening of this program once the waiting period is reduced to less than two years. For additional information, please contact the Fort Bend County Community Development Department, 301 Jackson Street, Suite 602, Richmond, Texas 77469.  Please call the department at (281) 341-4410 or email

Public Notice HOME Housing Rehab [PDF]


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