Fort Bend County’s Mission

Fort Bend County strives to be the most family friendly community in Texas by providing a high quality, enriching and safe environment. Each department and elective office provides fast, friendly service to its customers and continually strives to be number one in efficiency and effectiveness. The Commissioners Court fulfills its leadership role by providing necessary resources to the offices and departments to accomplish their duties and goals, by establishing budgets, policies and procedures to make the most efficient uses of the resources and by actively pursuing quality businesses to locate in Fort Bend County. 


Developing, contributing to, and supporting the County’s mission, vision, values, strategic goals, and objectives; formulating policies; guiding and leading the change process; and evaluating HR’s contributions to organizational effectiveness.

Developing, implementing, and evaluating sourcing, recruitment, hiring, orientation, succession planning, retention, and organizational exit programs necessary to ensure our employee’s ability to achieve the County’s goals and objectives.

Developing, implementing, and evaluating activities and programs that address employee training and development, performance appraisal, talent and performance management, and the unique needs of County employees, to ensure that the knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance of our workforce meet current and future County and individual needs.

Developing/selecting, implementing/administering, and evaluating compensation and retirement programs for all employee groups in support of the County’s strategic goals, objectives, and values.

Analyzing, developing, implementing/administering, and evaluating the workplace relationship between the County and its employees, in order to maintain relationships and working conditions that balance employer and employee needs and rights in support of the County’s strategic goals, objectives, and values.


Address: 301 Jackson Street Suite 243, Richmond, TX 77469
Main Phone Number: 281-341-8617
Fax: 281-341-8615
HR Email: humanresources@fbctx.gov
Careers Email: careers@fortbendcountytx.gov

Come Join Our Team!

All employment applications are made online. To view our job openings and apply for any position, check us out at fortbendcounty.jobs