As one of the fastest growing counties in Texas, Fort Bend County offers access to economic opportunities and a wealth of highly educated workforce for your business to not only grow but thrive. The Fort Bend County Economic Opportunity & Development is committed to working with new and existing businesses. Fort Bend County works in partnership with all of our communities and other stakeholders to ensure continued prosperity.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

The following are examples of incentives.

  • Tax Abatements – Fort Bend County provides strategic tax abatements, in accordance with its tax abatement guidelines. The Guidelines are used to provide tax abatements for projects that but for the incentive would not take place or would be significantly altered.
  • TIRZ Districts – To help further facilitate economic development and redevelopment, Fort Bend County participates in certain tax increment reinvestment zones (TIRZ).
  • County Assistance Districts – In Fort Bend County, County Assistance Districts are responsible for levying a sales tax within specific geographic areas. These districts collaborate with private developers through infrastructure cost participation agreements to support and encourage private development.

Additional information about Fort Bend County Economic Opportunity & Development activities and incentives can also be obtained by contacting Fort Bend County's Director of Economic Opportunity & Development, Carlos Guzman, at (346) 481-6913 or at

As required by Local Government Code sections 380.004(c) and 381.005(c), Fort Bend County publishes a direct link to the Online Public Database of its Chapter 381 agreements. You may access that database here: