In an effort to improve access to reliable, available, and affordable high-speed broadband internet services, Fort Bend County officials determined the need for a Broadband Improvement Initiative and that a Feasibility Study should be conducted. This study will be created to identify the broadband needs and gaps within the county and ultimately provide potential projects which can be implemented through federal grant programs and partnerships. Concluding the study, the selected project(s) can be designed and implemented improving broadband service options and facilitating digital equity within the county. Fort Bend County has contracted CobbFendley to conduct the study and preliminary engineering in support of the proposed Broadband project(s) with the goal of providing reliable, available, and affordable high-speed broadband internet across the county.

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We want to get a better understanding of your current internet situation so that we can propose the best solutions possible. At your earliest convenience, please take the Speed test and fill out the survey below. For those that manage or own a business within Fort Bend County, a business specific survey will follow the resident survey.

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About CobbFendley

Through more than 40 years of providing consulting services to the municipal and private sectors, CobbFendley is a civil engineering and surveying firm with expertise in providing planning and design services related to communications infrastructure. Across CobbFendley’s Texas locations, they currently employ over 130 fiber/broadband and utility professionals as well as more than 80 municipal and transportation/traffic infrastructure professionals who are familiar with municipalities similar to Fort Bend County. Located in the Houston Office, Jarod Branstetter, P.E., will serve as the main point of contact for this study. In that role, Mr. Branstetter will ensure that the appropriate resources are dedicated for this program from beginning to end.