Fort Bend County's Sheriff's Office Civil Service Commission was created under the authority of the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 158, Subchapter B, §158.032.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Civil Service Commission to effectively adopt, publish, and enforce rules regarding selection and classification of employees; competitive examinations; promotions, seniority, and tenure; layoffs and dismissals; disciplinary actions; grievance procedures; the rights of employees during an internal investigation; and other matters relating to the selection of employees and the procedural and substantive rights, advancement, benefits, and working conditions of employees.



Regular Meetings of the Civil Service Commission are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 9:00 AM in the Gus George Academy Lecture Hall and are open to the public.  The Commission may also meet as deemed necessary, for additional communications, provided that notice thereof is posted in accordance with the Open Meetings Law of the State of Texas.

During an office closure, you may deliver forms to Donna Silewicz or Rebekah Magana at the Gus George Law Enforcement Academy and the document(s) will be processed the following business day. Emailed forms will be time stamped upon receipt.