To recap the study background, the Fulshear Transit Feasibility Study launched in August 2019, with the objective to determine how Fort Bend County can make the most out of the existing and planned transportation network to improve the travel experience for Fulshear residents, workers, and visitors. 

A Work Group was formed — consisting of representatives of the City of Fulshear and Fort Bend County staff as well as a City Council representative — to guide the development of information to be presented to elected officials and the public. This group oversaw the study progress through a joint Fulshear City Council/Economic Development Corporation presentation, public meeting, and transit usage survey.

A series of stakeholder focus groups were originally planned for March 25, 2020, to gather more detailed information on the types of public transportation that would benefit the Fulshear area and that would attract residents and businesses. This event was canceled in the advent of COVID-19. In fall 2020, the project team determined to proceed with a study report based on the research and public engagement conducted to date, recognizing that it was unlikely that there would be the same level of engagement as before the pandemic.

The final report has been completed and provides a baseline for moving forward with a more refined study in the future, once more considered analyses can be made to determine the long-term effects of the pandemic on transit usage.