Ambassador Service

As grant funding is made available, Ambassador Services may be provided by Fort Bend County.  An Ambassador is an individual who works directly with passengers providing assistance from the passenger’s door to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the final destination.  This personalized service is to assist with the safe passage for those unable to travel unescorted or alone; those who need additional help with boarding and alighting vehicles, and passengers with agitation, behavioral and cognitive issues.  Ambassadors may be assigned to bus stop locations and/or transit vehicles.  Ambassadors will not be drivers, will not attach passenger securements (seat belts, wheelchair tie-down, etc.) or operate mechanical lifts or ramps.  An Ambassador’s function is solely restricted to the duties stated below and can assist with the following:

  1. Ambassadors will provide passengers with gentle physical support to assist with balance, climbing steps, carrying packages, entering/exiting buses and buildings, boarding and entering the correct buses/buildings, and/or performing similar functions.


  2. Ambassadors will provide "Hand to Hand" assistance. " Hand to Hand" assistance is defined as the delivery of passengers at their destination from one attendant to another. Ambassadors can leave the vehicle to escort passengers in need of "Hand to Hand" assistance. Ambassadors will not enter the door of a place of residence in regards to "Hand to Hand" assistance however will be allowed to enter the door of a business facility regarding "Hand to Hand" assistance.


  3. Ambassadors may be assigned to a bus stop service area to assist passengers with bus or route information and/or assistance onto a bus. An Ambassador may also be assigned to a transit vehicle to assist the passenger on and/or off the vehicle, or to the front door.


  4. Ambassador will assist the bus driver in maintaining a safe environment onboard vehicles including assistance to passengers who may be agitated or have behavioral issues. If there is a situation that becomes dangerous or hostile, the Ambassador will try to de-escalate the situation. 

For more information or questions regarding the Ambassador Service, please call our office at 281-633-RIDE (7433) or email us at [email protected].