A subscription ride is offered as a convenience to passengers and is provided to passengers who request routine trips to the same destination on a regular schedule (e.g. school, work, medical appointments).  It enables the passenger to reserve a trip without having to phone in reservations each time the trip is needed. 

An eligible subscription trip is defined as a “set/fixed transportation trip (trip is at the same time, same place, same day(s)) on a continuing schedule.” Subscription riders are still required to phone in cancellations according to the cancellation policy defined in these guidelines. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) limits subscription rides in complementary paratransit services to no more than 50% of the trips available in any given service hour.  Subscription trips will be allowed based on this limitation.  Subscription requests will be denied if more than 50% of the total available trips in any given service hour are dedicated to subscription rides.  Subscriptions may be canceled if the subscription rides in any given service hour exceed 50% of the available trips in the service hour.

For more information regarding subscription service, call 281-633-7433.