Committee Details

Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant
Animal Services Ad Hoc Committee



Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant is establishing an Animal Services Ad Hoc Committee comprised of a dedicated group of animal advocates that serve to provide best practices recommendations and valuable support to advance the Fort Bend County Animal Services mission to adopt, rescue, or foster, our homeless animals.

Committee Member Responsibilities

  1. Provide recommendations to Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant to strengthen and support Fort Bend County Animal Services related to volunteer and recruitment, marketing and branding, and adoption and pet retention policies.
  2. Attend quarterly meetings per calendar year and as needed.
  3. Strong follow up and ongoing support of the ad hoc committee, after and in between meetings.


  1. Volunteer and Recruitment Committee
  2. Marketing and Branding Committee
  3. Adoption and Pet Retention Committee


MEMBERS: Each committee shall comprise of 3 members.

Volunteer and Recruitment Committee: Shall be filled by persons who are passionate and has relevant experience to recommend best practices to recruit, retain, coordinate, and engage effective volunteers.

Marketing and Branding Committee: Shall be filled by persons who are strategic and innovative brand marketers to provide recommendations relating to the organization’s brand, logos, social media, events, and related marketing policies.

Adoption and Pet Retention Committee: Shall be filled by persons who are dedicated to promoting and educating the public on the adoption of homeless animals to new families, returning lost animals to their owners, and to work toward ending the community problem of pet overpopulation.

TERM: The members of the advisory committees shall serve a two year term.

CHAIRPERSON: Appointed by Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant