If a check writer has other check cases pending, all subsequent checks are added to the pending case to expedite the making of restitution.

If there is no pending case, the District Attorney’s Office will attempt to notify the check writer via letter that a criminal case will be filed if the check and fees are not paid immediately. If there is no response within ten days, a warrant will be issued for the check writer’s arrest. Upon arrest, the check writer will have to post bond to get out of jail and make court appearances.

Once in court, the check writer can accept the recommended punishment, known as a plea-bargain, or demand a trial. Most plea bargains require a check writer to pay restitution and your dishonored check fee or to serve time in jail in lieu of restitution.

Due to the volume of checks, it is not possible to give a status report on each case. If a restitution payment is made, a check will be mailed to you the first week of the month. If you receive no restitution within eight weeks of filing the check, you can assume a warrant has been issued for the check writer’s arrest. If we are unable to collect a check, it will be returned to you. Calling on the check to check the status of your check may delay the collection process.

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