If you are the first person registering from your company, you become the "primary contact" - the administrator of your company’s account with us. We require you to accept our terms and conditions on your company’s behalf before you can proceed with registration. You will set up the company information and your own contact information (including e-mail) as the primary contact. You’ll maintain your company’s information in the future using the Update Account Information link. The primary contact can also set up logins for other Supplier Contacts in your company, so you may wish to identify these people before you get started. They will log in later using the login information you set up, and afterward will maintain their own contact information, including changing the password you set up for them. A primary contact cannot view the responses of other people at his or her company.

Only we can change the primary contact at your company. Please use the Contact Us link to contact us if you need to change your primary contact.

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