Sheriff's Office

SCAM ALERT! - Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office (FBCSO) was recently informed of an ongoing federal jury duty scam targeting local residents.
Scammers have been contacting residents and impersonating personnel from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office demanding immediate payment to avoid a warrant being issued for their arrest for citation fines. Scammers are also demanding payment for outstanding warrants, ongoing civil matters, and other violations.
Please be advised that scammers are calling from local and non-local phone numbers, and they have your information: full name, address, and possibly other personal information. They are also using the FBCSO address (1840 Richmond Parkway, Richmond, TX) as well as FBCSO employee names to further validate the scam.
We absolutely CANNOT stress this enough: The Sheriff's Office DOES NOT call anyone requesting money or payment of any kind, for ANY reason!
If you receive a call from someone stating they are with the FBCSO, we strongly urge you NOT to agree to make a payment, and NEVER give out any personal information, (social security number, drivers license, or date of birth).
Please protect yourself from fraud by refusing to make direct payment to the scammers and to confirm with whom you are speaking. Scammers are prone to using lies, threats, harassment, and intimidation to collect money. Take all measures to identify the company, the collector’s full name, company address and phone number, website, and email address.