301 Jackson Street, Suite 301 Richmond, TX 77469
Telephone: 281-238-3097 or 281-633-7017
Fax: 281-633-7022

Mission Statement

The mission of the Facility Management and Planning Department (FMP, Operations, Maintenance, Jail Maintenance, Interdepartmental Construction and Custodial) is to keep the 180 County facilities under its purview safe and efficiently operating condition, to provide a comfortable working environment for its employees and to ensure a presentable appearance to the public.

The Facilities Management and Planning department provides recommendations to Commissioner's Court for new buildings, infrastructure improvements and renovations to effectively accommodate growth of County services; we then manage development and completion of approved projects. FMP Administrative staff also provides reception and clerical support to various County agencies.


Facilities Management and Planning  
Main Number (Automated Line) 281-238-3090
Fax Number 281-633-7022
Facilities Maintenance Help Desk Number 281-238-3565
Help Desk email: fmp.helpdesk@fortbendcountytx.gov  
Jail Maintenance Help Desk Number 832-471-2700
Knight, James - Facilities Management/Planning Director 281-238-3095
Dougherty, Laura - Administrative Manager 281-633-7017
Hernandez, Rosemary C - Receptionist/File Clerk - Justice Center 281-238-1990
Long, Brenda - Clerk Ill - Commissioner Pct. 2 281-403-8000
McGuff, Jon- Senior Project Manager 281-633-7018
Powell, Leah - Clerk III 281-238-3097
Randall, Oleva Bo - Part-Time- Travis Building 281-342-3411
Rychlik, Debbie - Administrative Assistant 281-633-7045
Facilities Interdepartmental Construction  
Garcia, Adrian - IDC Manager 281-238-3032
Facilities Jail Maintenance  
Fellers, Aaron - Jail Building Maintenance Worker III 832-471-2700
Magana, Oscar - Jail Plumber 832-471-2700
Matthews, Bruce - Jail Building Maintenance Worker Ill 832-471-2700
Mican, Dalton - Jail Building Maintenance Worker III 832-471-2700
Pavon, Delfino - Jail Electrician 832-471-2700
Perrier Ill, Anthony - Jail Plumber 832-471-2700
Roberts, Michael - Jail Building Maintenance Worker III 832-471-2700
Weeks, Kris A - Jail Locksmith 832-471-2700
Wratten, Michael A - Jail Maintenance Supervisor 832-471-2700
Wright Jr., David- Jail HVAC Specialist 832-471-2700
Facilities Maintenance  
Bulman, Kevin - Facilities Lead Electronics Technician 281-238-3565
Garza, Ellias C - Building Maintenance Worker Ill 281-238-3565
Henry, Jason L - Building Maintenance Worker Ill 281-238-3565
Hudson, DeJuan - Building Maintenance Worker Ill 281-238-3565
Longoria, Larry - HVAC Specialist  281-238-3565
Miller, Wesley - Electronics Technician 281-238-3565
Petroski, Allen - Building Maintenance Supervisor 281-238-3565
Rios, Carl - Building Maintenance Worker III  81-238-3565
Smith, Billy C - HVAC Specialist 281-238-3565
Torres, Rafael - Building Maintenance Worker III  81-238-3565
Wilson, Joe - Building Maintenance Worker Ill 281-238-3565
Zwahr, Justin J - Facilities Maintenance Manager 281-238-3564
Facilities Operations  
Main Number 281-238-3565
Fax Number 281-238-3577
Pace, Theresa - Facilities Services Specialist 281-238-3094
Gonzales, Tracey A - Facilities Services Specialist 281-238-3092
Orsak, Dana - Facilities Services Specialist 281-238-3096
Meuth, Diana "Dee" - Operations Manager 281-238-3578