Isabel Roberts, Operations Manager

301 Jackson Street, Suite 301 Richmond, TX 77469
Telephone: 281-238-3578
Fax: 281-238-3577
Help Desk: 281-238-3565
Help Desk email:

Mission Statement

Facilities Operations  department receives, reviews and processes payments and installations of monitoring, electrical, water, pest control, custodial services and other utility needs of County facilities. Operations provides Help Desk support to Facility Maintenance and Jail Maintenance, and coordinates and tracks service calls for all repairs and requested services. Operations provides all clerical support to Facilities Maintenance, Facilities Jail Maintenance, and Facilities Custodial for requisitions, invoice processing, contracts with vendors for services, etc. Operations maintains current building information for Risk Management; manages and invoices all leasing arrangements and payments; and oversees outside vending services provided to County buildings. The department compiles and reports utility costs for various legislative and public disclosure requirements.