Geographic Information Systems

A system utilizing spatial data infrastructure for storing, managing, analyzing, and displaying geospatial data. GIS allows us to visualize and explore data in a variety of ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends both spatially and temporally. You can make GIS requests of Fort Bend County not limited to: data, applications, and maps based on information that you would like to see. View one of our maps for information by address, voter precinct and more.



More information regarding these forms can be found below in each section.


Interactive and Static Maps

     Fort Bend County Commissioner Precincts [3'x4' PDF]

Fort Bend County Cities & ETJs [3'x4' PDF]

Fort Bend County Interactive Public Mapping Site - A comprehensive map with subdivisions, parcels, County Assistance Districts, MUDs, Major Thoroughfare Plans, floodplain data, mobility projects and a host of other valuable information for our county. Zoom in, pan around, click on a layer to get feature details. Click on the magnifying glass in the bottom middle of the page to search by a wide range of options. Click on the arrow next to the layer to expand the group and see all the resources available to you. 

County Facility and School Map - Type in your street name (with either the suffix abbreviation or no suffix at all) and address to find schools and county facilities near you. Or type in what you're looking for (library, park, community center, court, tax office, trail, etc.) and this application will give you a comprehensive list to review. Click on the hyperlink to go to that facility's website for for more information. Click on a pin or the school symbol within the map to get details about individual locations. 

Unincorporated Fort Bend County

About Us

Under the IT Department, we are a new and central GIS team on behalf of Fort Bend County. Please feel free to contact us here for any questions that you may have.