Fort Bend County GIS (Geographic Information Systems)




Geographic Information Systems

Utilize a spatial data infrastructure for storing, managing, analyzing, and displaying geospatial data. GIS allows us to visualize and explore data in a variety of ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends both spatially and temporally. You can make GIS requests of Fort Bend County not limited to: data, applications, and maps based on information that you would like to see. Search one of our maps for information by address, voter precinct and more.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Technology (I.T.) Department is to provide information technology services to support County Business Programs, Customer Departments and offices, and taxpayers in the most efficient, equitable and economical methods possible by leveraging technology resources.


About Us

Under the IT Department, we are a new and central GIS team on behalf of Fort Bend County. Please feel free to contact us here for any questions that you may have.