The duties and responsibilities of the Regulatory Affairs Section are to review all divisional special programs to ensure that administrative and regulatory functions are met, particularly given statutes that exist for reporting of policy and performance, as well as to ensure that the Sheriff's Office is complying with the letter and spirit of the law. 
Functions include maintenance and reporting of policy, auditing and reconciling records, and ensuring that documentation exists to reflect the operations of a particular unit as they pertain to meeting regulations that pertain to the project, program, equipment, or initiative. This section reports to the Assistant Chief Deputy over the Administrative Bureau. Regulatory Affairs will comply with Texas Records Retention policies. Likewise, the Regulatory Affairs Section will compile and submit the annual FBCSO racial profiling report to TCOLE by March 1, 2022, after review by the Administrative Bureau Assistant Chief Deputy. 
One of the first responsibilities is to coordinate with the Gang Unit, the required submission of criminal street gang database information to TX DPS as required by Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Chap. 67 and HB 2931. The Records and Alarm Detail Divisions are within the Regulatory Affairs Section.

Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only
Non-emergencies 281-341-4665
To report a crime tip 281-341-4686 281-342-TIPS(8477)