Fleet Management Division

The Fleet Management Division of the Support Services Division in the Sheriff’s Office prepares short-term plans and long-terms goals for the ever-growing fleet

The Sheriff’s Office fleet consists of approx. 400 vehicles. This total is comprised of almost every brand and type of vehicle available from SUV’s and cars to ATV’s and Helicopters. In a rapidly growing county, the Fleet Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the fleet size, age, mileage, and installed equipment. His main task involves maintaining the Sheriff’s fleet database. He is also responsible for maintaining an effective working relationship with all county offices. His knowledge base also allows him to make vehicle budgeting and retirement recommendations. He is required to communicate with all of the Sheriff’s Office divisions to ensure that all vehicle maintenance needs have been performed or scheduled as necessary. The vehicle fleet and installed equipment make-up a substantial portion of the Sheriff’s inventory. This means that he is a key participant in the annual inventory for the Auditor’s Office. The County Auditor also requests vehicle information from him to ensure that Toll Tags are installed on the vehicles timely and properly. The county’s purchasing office depends on his information each year when ordering new vehicles and equipment. He works with the local tax assessor’s office, Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure that all Sheriff’s Office vehicles are current on registrations, inspections, and all other transportation code requirements.

For more information please contact us at:
Dewane Rychlik
Fleet Coordinator
Office: 281-341-3841
Email: Dewane.Rychlik@fortbendcountytx.gov

Fleet Management Division Vehicles

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