The FCC's Broadband Location Challenge aims to improve the accuracy of broadband mapping in the United States. Here are a few reasons why completing this challenge is important:

  • Bridging the Digital Divide: Accurate broadband mapping helps identify areas with limited or no internet access and provide better connectivity to all citizens, including those in rural or economically disadvantaged areas.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Reliable broadband mapping data enables policymakers, government agencies, and service providers can efficiently allocate funds, deploy necessary infrastructure, and implement initiatives to expand broadband access where it is most needed.
  • Supporting Economic Development: Access to high-speed broadband is increasingly essential for economic growth and competitiveness. Accurate broadband mapping helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups make informed decisions about where to establish their operations or invest.
  • Educational Opportunities: Reliable internet access is crucial for students and educational institutions. It also supports the development of digital literacy programs and remote learning initiatives.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety: During emergencies, access to broadband infrastructure is vital for communication, coordination, and accessing critical services. This information allows them to develop emergency response plans, improve communication systems, and allocate resources effectively.

By completing the FCC's Broadband Location Challenge, participants contribute to the improvement of broadband mapping data, which ultimately benefits individuals, communities, businesses, and the overall digital infrastructure of the county.

Please download and review the instructions below for the next steps to completing the FCC's Broadband Location Challenge.

FCC Broadband Location Challenge [PDF]

FCC Broadband Location Challenge (Spanish) [PDF]