City/School/MUD Election

City/School/MUD Election 

 Due to the current health crisis, all local jurisdiction which were conducting elections on May 2, 2020 have postponed those elections until November 3, 2020.

Orders Postponing

City of Fulshear [PDF]

City of Katy [PDF]

City of Richmond [PDF]

City of Sugar Land [PDF]


Fresh Water Supply District 1 [PDF]

MUD 48 [PDF]

MUD 49 [PDF]

MUD 66 [PDF]

MUD 147 [PDF]

MUD 152 [PDF]

MUD 168 [PDF]

MUD 233 {PDF]

Quail Valley Utility District [PDF]

Cornerstones MUD [PDF]

Willow Point MUD [PDF]

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