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Residents invited to ribbon cutting ceremony for Animal Services’ new intake facility

Fort Bend County Animal Services will hold a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony July 18 at 4 p.m. for its new Intake Facility at 1210 Blume Road in Rosenberg.

The facility, now ready for medical staff and pets, features an intake room where new pets are screened for a microchip, receive initial vaccinations, and get a medical check-up. It also has two rooms dedicated to cats, one for quarantine of cats involved in bite investigations and the other for sick cats that require isolation. The new facility will also add 24 dog kennels and 12 quarantine kennels. Additionally, the Intake Facility has a new surgical suite for spay/neuter surgeries, medical office, conference/training room, and an office area for Animal Control Officers when they return from the field so they can enter animal information into the shelter’s software.

“We are really excited to add this new facility to the shelter. Our pets deserve the best initial medical evaluation we can give them, and now with our new veterinary and surgical suite for spay/neuter, we will be able to go above and beyond our current capability,” said Rene Vasquez, Animal Services Director.

Other areas in the new facility include a bathing room, whelping room for expectant moms and puppies, a large food storage room, and a laundry and storage room for the medical staff.

In the future, Animal Services will add three new play yards near the facility. The play yards will be funded through an ASPCA grant to ensure the Dogs Playing for Life program continues, giving shelter dogs the opportunity to play and socialize every day.





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