Fort Bend County Judge KP George has signed a Declaration of Local Health Disaster Due to a Public Health Emergency. The Order was signed to help contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Fort Bend County. Fort Bend County COVID-19 information.

Important Notice


268th District Court

In compliance with the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidance regarding Mass Gatherings or Large Community Events, the Supreme Court of Texas First Emergency Order Regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster issued on March 13, 2020, and out of a concern for public health, safety, and wellbeing, the 268th District Court will not be holding in-person dockets unless deemed essential by the court.


However, all criminal cases will need to be reset in accordance with 268th District Court’s policy and procedure. To ensure the health and safety of court staff and the public, the Court has adopted the following procedure:  


  • Electronic resets are being accepted on all pending cases (ON BOND) with a scheduled court appearance. No appearances are being requested or expected for any of these court resets.  Please contact the court for an electronic reset at
  • No inmates are being brought over from the jail unless deemed essential by the court. If you have an inmate on the court’s docket, please email the coordinator for a new date.
  • Prosecutors will only be on “stand-by” for any pleas, or essential matters that need to be handled via Video Conference. You will need to email; or to have any pleas worked out before court and to notify of any essential hearings. Please note that all hearing will be done by Video Conference, unless deemed essential by the court for an in-person hearing.
  • Only essential hearings or emergencies can be scheduled with the court upon request by email to the coordinator. This applies to criminal and civil cases.
  • Emailed/Electronic resets are the preferred method. We do not want anyone making appearances to bring a signed original reset or sending their clients to sign a reset with the court.
  • It is the attorney’s responsibility to get their client’s signature and email the reset back to the coordinator at
  • All civil hearings will be held via Video Conference. Please contact the Court Coordinator for available dates and time at;
  • Please e-file a notice of hearing for all civil cases with the District Clerk’s Office.
  • Civil Trials scheduled through August 1, 2020 will need a new DCO or Scheduling Order in place. Please email the court for new dates.

Criminal Attorneys: Please distribute the 268th criminal reset within your office to use and please leave the court date blank as the court will make that determination.  We just need signatures from defense attorneys and defendants and emailed back to the court.


Video Conference Hearings: To view live stream hearings for the 268th District Court, please click link below:


Due to COVID-19 many individuals are considered “at-risk” members of the vulnerable population. These members include, but are not limited to individuals who are over 65 and individuals with serious underlying health conditions, such as high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, obesity, asthma, and those whose immune systems are compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer or other conditions. If you believe you are a member of this vulnerable population please contact the court coordinator Elizabeth Adelekan via email at or call 281-341-8610 – *provide your full name, cause number and contact information* – to advise the court regarding your need for special accommodations and a specialized docket to ensure your continued safety.


If you have any questions, please contact the court coordinator,

Elizabeth Adelekan at (281) 341-8610 or email:


Honorable O'Neil Williams, Judge

Court Staff

Court Coordinator: Elizabeth Adelekan
Court Reporter: Marisol Ramos
Bailiff: Alex Holcombe



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