Welcome to the Fort Bend County History Tours Webpage

This page contains links to a Base Map identifying numerous places of historical and cultural interest throughout Fort Bend County, from which you can create your own “DIY” driving or walking tour; as well as several “pre-packaged” tours that we have created, based upon some common themes shared by the included locations.  Each location is represented by a “pin”.  Click on a pin to learn more about the history and other useful information about that location and see some photos and/or videos related to the location and its historical and/or cultural relevance.

Do-It-Yourself Tours

You can create your own driving or walking tour of specific locations by copying and pasting the locations that you are interested in from the Base Map into Google Maps or other mapping software on your smart phone or other device.  You can then use your own map software to create your own driving or walking tour.  We will be adding many more locations in the coming months, so check back from time to time to see what additional historical and cultural places of interest we have added.


Pre-Packaged Tours

We have created several tours based upon some common themes that relate to each location on the tour.  Each “pre-packaged” tour contains a map of the tour and a link immediately beneath the map that you can click on to access the tour map from your smart phone or other device.  If you click on the “Current Location” cross-hair button in the top right corner of the tour map you will receive driving or walking directions to each location.  We plan to add more “pre-packaged” tours, based upon different themes, from time to time in the coming months.  Please check back here for more of these themed tours.

SugarBowl Tour

Story Map: The "Sugar Bowl" Trail in Fort Bend County

SugarBowl Tour Map:



Cowboys Tour


Cowboys Tour Map:



Colonists & Railroads Tour

Story MapCOLONISTS & RAILROADS TOUR (arcgis.com)

Colonists & Railroads Tour Map: