Important Notice


All Civil Proceedings are being heard via Webex.  Should you need to contact the court for any matter, please call (281)491-6016, press 0 or speak to a clerk via video conference by joining HERE (8am to 2pm only).

We strongly encourage the use of electronic filing for all new and subsequent civil filings, click HERE for efile.




The information contained in this section is NOT purported to be all inclusive. Neither is it intended to serve as legal advice. You are strongly encouraged to consult the actual law, or consult with an attorney for answers to your questions. The County Law Library, on the 3rd floor of the Fort Bend Justice Center located at 1422 Eugene Heimann Circle, Richmond, TX 77469, has law books that cover the topics discussed in this section.

Search Texas Constitution and Statutes to access Texas law books cited in this site.

General Questions and Information

There are four types of civil suits filed in Justice Court: Debt Claims, Evictions, Repair & Remedy and Small Claims. Contact our office for help with calculating your filing fees and for information regarding payment methods.